March 19

Show Some Dharma Initiative


LOST fan speculation has reached a frenzy. The recent reveal of the island's enormous Egyptian statue made heads explode across the country. Is it Anubis, the god of the underworld? Or possibly Taweret, an anthropomorphic hippopotamus fertility goddess? You know things have gotten out of hand when people start talking about anthropomorphic hippopotamus fertility goddesses.

If you don't watch LOST, you probably won't find this comic any funnier than those that do. To catch you up to speed, in the current fifth season, the show has descended into a full-blown time travel epic. LOST has added the Frozen Donkey Wheel to the pantheon of great time machines: DeLoreans, crossing proton-pack streams, traversing the sun at warp speed, etc. The lostaways have infiltrated the Dharma Initiative in 1977 and we have no doubt that shit will go down.

Hurley's new role as Dharma chef (as indicated by his well labeled jumpsuit) seems a bit apropos. Perhaps he will invent the McRib or more likely the Hot Pocket.


  • mgroves mgroves 10 years ago The true secret of the Hydra station: McRibs are made of polar bear meat! And people!
  • Jon Plante Jon Plante 10 years ago The McRib was apparently introduced in 1981 ( Hell of a year.
  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Dr. Kenneth Noisewater 10 years ago Does the proton pack cause time travel? How about fainting, a la Peggy Sue Got Married?
  • Jon Plante Jon Plante 10 years ago Crossing the streams causes total protonic reversal. No, you're right. Proton packs have nothing to do with time travel. I think I remembered the movie wrong.

    How about these: Superman goes back in time by spinning the earth in the opposite direction. An electromagnetic storm sends the aircraft carrier back in time in "Final Countdown". Christopher Reeve uses hypnotism in "Somewhere in Time". Bill and Ted use a phone booth. The Necronomicon from "Evil Dead" is technically a time travel device. The list goes on...
  • mgroves mgroves 10 years ago Let's not forget the most handsome time travel device of all: Scott Bakula.

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