July 05

Intergalactic Kegger

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Rip Torn, born Scratch Tearington, is a bit of a crazy person. In 1970, while shooting an experimental, improvisational film with Norman Mailer, he hit the guy with a hammer. In 2004, he threw a wrench at Justin Long. The last eight years have seen a slew of alcohol-related arrests, the most recent found him breaking into a bank at night with a loaded gun.

His absence in Men in Black 3 did serve the plot quite well but you have to wonder if they weren't just a little scared he'd go Lohan on them.

I never really considered that the whole premise of Men in Black is elaborate disguises (see Edgar-suit, the Arquillian mechanical suit, Mikey, Serleena, Griffin, you name it). And they're pretty clever at it. Which makes Mitt Romney, born Luis Conchita Ramirez (the result of selective politician breeding), an interesting candidate for alien incursion. While John Kerry was the first of the animate Duracell people to run for office, I feel this is a concerted effort to elect our first mandroid president.


  • mgroves mgroves 7 years ago His Larry Sanders Show character (Arthur) is the best.

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