September 25

Green Harvest


I don't fault George Lucas for constantly fiddling with Star Wars. He seems to genuinely believe that making Darth Vader say "No" at the end of Jedi improves the series (and satiates his need for thematic symmetry); that adding CG eyes to the Ewoks makes them more realistic; that Obi Wan's scary monster scream needed to sound like a drunk hillbilly. These are not the fiscally responsible actions of a shrewd businessman, to spend a couple million more on changes only the most devoted fans will recognize. Those fans are going to buy the Blu Rays regardless.

Whether or not Han shot Greedo first is literally a thing of legends. I can see splinter groups of Star Wars fans, devotees to the original edit forming their own denomination like Presbyterians or Lutherans. I wonder if this wasn't intentional on the part Lucas, being a disciple of Joseph Campbell, the mythology scholar. He set out to create a modern myth and here we are debating if Jesus shot first.

The incest in Star Wars is equally contentious. Did Lucas know they were siblings when he first wrote the script? Twins named Luke and Leia makes a lot of sense. Parents are cute like that. Going back to Campbell, I think he may have planned it all along.

There are numerous inconsistencies across the six films, and in a lot of ways, that's probably the best reason to give them a second viewing. And by second viewing, of course I mean a fifty-second viewing.


  • Tim Tim 8 years ago You okay Jon? Giving us a new comic sometime? :-)
  • Jon Plante Jon Plante 8 years ago Working on a new one. Give me a couple more weeks.

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