June 07

Democratic Caucus


I've always been a big fan of Weiner. Ask anybody.

Anthony Weiner (D - NY) is a voice of reason in a political system mired in tactics and deception. He doesn't take any shit.

So, it's extremely unfortunate his recent shenanigans, sending TwitPic photos of well-stuffed boxer briefs to his constituents, will go down in history as the fat-finger heard around the world. It was an accidental reply-to-all that made a 2016 presidential candidate disappear in the wind.

If I recall, the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky fiasco was objectionable on the basis of: if he broke vows with his wife, would he break vows with his country? He lied about that, would he lie about being a Soviet spy? Weiner is married - so I think we're to believe his wife wouldn't like this? But maybe they're swingers. Maybe they're sexual deviants who get off on sending crotch photos to unsuspecting victims - camel toes, banana hammocks, you name it. That sounds like a vow kept if you ask me.


  • supermegahyperultra supermegahyperultra 8 years ago ...and moose knuckles.
  • mgroves mgroves 8 years ago I bet Leno was looking forward to the Boehner-Weiner debates.

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