April 09

A Palsy Move

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Television, as a medium of fantasy, has historically steered away from anything unsightly. Conan O'Brien's appearance as host of Late Night in 1993 was an oddity, not because of his wacky brand humor but because of his cadaverous visage, like he was wearing a suit made from the flesh of a seven-foot-tall clown.

Unless you count TLC, there aren't a lot of handicapped people on TV (two-headed girls notwithstanding). So when Zach Anner, a cerebral palsy rockstar, bolstered by an enthusiastic internet voting block, found himself a finalist in Oprah's Your OWN Show competition, maybe it was time for a wheelchair-bound talk show host.

Zach is hilarious by the way. If an individual's sense-of-humor is born of a combination of intelligence and adversity, he must be some kind of genius.

Kristina Kuzmic-Crocco was probably Oprah's ideal candidate: attractive, approachable, and with eyes on the front of her face. When it came time to pick a winner, would Oprah go with the demographic-friendly safe bet? Or would she tell a handicapped kid to suck it?

Well, no, she totally copped out and they both got a show. Here's Zach's show promo.


  • mgroves mgroves 9 years ago Oh wow, that Zach guy is genuinely funny! I don't know about Oprah's network, but I'd pay to see him do standup (lol!) comedy.

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