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May 20

Thornton Hears The Who


Billy Bob Thornton, the musician, caused a bit of a scene on the Canadian radio show Q TV with Jian Ghomeshi. Ghomeshi had the audacity to bring up the fact that Billy Bob is a famous actor. This caused Billy Bob to go all Joaquin for several minutes until Ghomeshi's transgression was finally revealed.

Thornton joins a long line of douchebags that can't wrap their heads around the notion that people wouldn't see Dogstar or 30 Seconds to Mars if it weren't because of Keanu Reeves or Jared Leto respectively. If you want to be an actress, don't be a pornstar first. People will never forget it. And if you want to be respected as a musician, for heaven's sake, be good. This is just common sense. At least The Bacon Brothers have the decency to put it in their name.

An alternate scenario puts Tom Petty in the hot seat at Inside The Actor's Studio. Before going into Petty's groundbreaking acting career in Kevin Costner's The Postman, James Lipton prefaces the interview, mentioning his footnote musical accomplishments "Into the Great Wide Open" and "American Girl". Petty of course goes ape shit.

Is Joaquin Phoenix's act starting to make sense? These actor-cum-musicians are worthy of parody but they certainly aren't worth listening to.