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November 15

The Rupert Jee Spot


David Letterman stood up to a blackmailer but everyone decided to cover the old man sex angle. Was there really any doubt that the guy who pervs on Hollywood debutantes for a living, would be tapping the interns? This isn't Jay Leno we're talking about. Dave is dark, depressed, and self-loathing. He makes Bill Murray look like a ray of sunshine. It would be scandalous if there wasn't infidelity in his life.

Is Letterman suddenly a hypocrite for decades ridiculing public figures caught with their pants down? Would we have our late night talk show hosts censor themselves to prevent such hypocrisy? That would mean no more gay jokes from Jimmy Fallon and Conan couldn't poke fun at child rape. Roman Polanski is back in the news and Conan just darts his eyes back-and-forth nervously. "Give this guy a break - he's made some terrific films." Beads of sweat form on his giant, waxy head...