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May 22

The Office Space


With Steve Carell gone, will The Office go the way of Scrubs or The X-Files or That 70s Show, an empty shell with their main characters gone? Will the show be retitled Michael Scott's Family (and then, a season later, The Halpert Family)?

The Office's supporting cast can carry the show just fine without him, thank you very much. I'd even watch seven seasons of Creed Bratton sitting alone in a room.

But who will take the manager position?

Of all the guest stars in the seventh season finale, James Spader is the only one that could use a job. He's not funny-haha but he's definitely funny-strange.

Barring the fact that Andy Bernard is a buffoon and completely ill-equipped to manage, Ed Helms's high visibility in The Hangover makes him a strong contender. He's a movie star I suppose, and that recognizably could lead to new viewers.

But my personal pick is Pam. To see her character go from receptionist, to sales, to Office Administrator, and finally to Scranton Branch Manager would be a fantastic arc.

Bill Lumbergh need not apply.