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October 15


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Jennifer's Body went down faster than Diablo Cody at Tarantino's house. Since all girls hate Megan Fox and all guys would feel more comfortable buying a ticket to Ass Spankers 27, it's no surprise. This comes on the heals of the Transformers crew labeling her "trailer trash". That's about as obvious as me calling Ass Spankers 27 a "raucous ass-spanking thrill ride".

I'm of the opinion that movies should only be criticized in relation to their intended audience. This is how Transformers 2: Rise of The Fallen or whatever it's called, having delivered everything it promised (robots, explosions, racism, etc.) to its intended audience of brain-dead morons, could garner my thumbs up.

The actual scene satirized in the first panel of this comic featured right-handed Fox mounting a motorcycle, airbrushing a pin-up illustration with her left hand. Airbrushing is a time-consuming, meticulous craft, involving masks and friskets, and it's much easier to do when the gas tank is off the frame. It would be more plausible if she was painting an exact replica of The Mona Lisa with a paintball gun... with her feet.

This strip concludes my extremely un-timely summer movie series. At least I beat the DVD release, right?