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March 20

Damonic Procession


Spoiler Alert! Come to think of it, can shit be spoiled?

Reason's why I hated The Adjustment Bureau:

  • Matt Damon.
  • The scene that inspired this strip: Terence Stamp tells Damon that if he doesn't break off his relationship with Emily Blunt, their destinies will change. His destiny being president and hers being the world's best dancer and choreographer. Not to incite a Juilliard School lynching but is that the best destiny they could come up with? She couldn't cure cancer? Become an astronaut?
  • It had that old Hollywood trope of the woman wrapped up in the sheet during lovemaking. Damon is humping on top of Blunt and she's wrapped up like a mummy.
  • The agents "powers" don't work around water. Are they the aliens in Signs? Or maybe the screenwriter accidentally set up unstoppable villains and needed a Kryptonite.
  • Damon is pretty brazen given the threat of having his brain "reset".
  • If you wear a special hat, regular doors become dimensional portals. Is there an objective reality at play here? Why can I believe a guy getting sucked into a computer in Tron but not magic hats?
  • The film ends with the antagonists saying they changed their minds, letting Damon and Blunt go about their lives.